top 6 foods that make your skin clear

Top 6 foods that make your skin clear

Hello, you beautiful people. I am here again 🙂 and I bring to you some more interesting tips for your health and beauty. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 foods that make your skin clear.

Top 6 foods that make your skin clear.

Well, do you want healthy and glowing skin? Of course, you want that. Everyone wants that but most of us cannot achieve it because of our busy lifestyle and hectic work schedule.

However, there are some common items that can bring out your inner beauty and give you a glowing and healthy-looking skin.

All you have to do is include these items in your daily diet and you will see the difference soon enough.

So let’s look into these foods that make your skin clear.


This is the magic liquid that is a must in your diet. Our body consists of 60-70% water.

So the water level in our body should be maintained. Including about 2-3 lot’s of water in your daily diet will help you get out all toxins from your body.

A toxin less body will have healthy and glowing skin.


Nuts contain healthy fats and oils.

It is a common misconception that eating nuts make you fat. But trust me, eating nuts every day in a limited quantity will provide your body with the much-needed oils and make your skin glow.

Fish Oils

This is a little tricky to get. If you are someone who likes fish then this is not a problem for you.

But if you do not like fish then, you can definitely buy some over the counter from the pharmacy.

They come in different brands and are just tiny capsules.

Vitamin B and E capsules

These are the basic over the counter vitamin supplements that are available in large quantities in every pharmacy.

You just have to choose the right brand that works for you and is always available.

Milk products

Dairy products are a natural source of good fats. But not the skimmed kind. Natural dairy products have good cholesterol which helps lower your bad cholesterol levels.

When taken in a limited amount, they help restore our general body oil level on a regular basis.

However, dairy products come in a large number of forms.

If you do not like milk, then you can choose from a wide variety of other products like cheese, curd, yogurt etc.

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Well, it is not basically lemon but more about citrus fruits. However lemon is the most convenient to use.

You can basically use it in your breakfast, lunch or dinner or just use it in your tea.

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are really great for your hair and skin.

They produce natural oils and leave your skin and hair shiny.

Adding these items to your daily diet will have a remarkable effect not only on your skin but also your hair. 

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Final words

External products like creams and shampoos can give you a shiny and glowing skin but they are just temporary not to mention their long term use might cause permanent damage to your skin.

Products like these are just temporary fixes and do not improve your skin quality or texture. But improving your diet gives you a permanent solution. After all we are what we eat.  Correct?

I hope you have enjoyed today’s discussion about the top 6 foods that make your skin clear. See you soon.

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