Top 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy

Top 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy.

When you are pregnant whatever you are eating it also goes to the little one. So today we will discuss Top 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy.

Top 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a vital period for every woman. So it’s very essential to know what to eat and what not to eat during this time.

You must pay attention to what not to eat and harmful food. Some foods are there which may not harmful to you but harmful for your baby. So here are the Top 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy.


Mostly caffeine found in tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts, energy drinks and some over-the-counter medications. Out of all these Coffee is one of the most common sources of high caffeine intake. According to WHO, during pregnancy, caffeine clearance from the mother’s blood slows down significantly.

Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the blood pressure and heart rate and not recommendable during the pregnancy.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it was found that women who consume 200mg or more of caffeine daily are twice as likely to have a miscarriage as those who do not consume any caffeine.


Alcohol can be very harmful to the little one. When you drink, alcohol passes from your blood through the placenta and to your baby. This creates various after-effects.

Drinking alcohol may lead to miscarriage, premature birth, Foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), restrict the brain development of your child etc.

Foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the children as a result whose Mothers taking alcohol during the pregnancy. This causes brain damage, Small head, below average height and weight, abnormal facial features etc.

So it’s advisable not to take any amount of alcohol during the pregnancy.

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Undercooked food and eggs

Eggs are a good source of Amino acid and proteins which is very essential for the baby’s growth. Eggs are rich in the mineral choline and in Omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are crucial to brain development.

Pregnant women should always cook eggs thoroughly or use pasteurized eggs. Raw eggs may be contaminated with Salmonella, which can lead to sickness and an increased risk of premature birth or stillbirth.

Any kind of undercooked food and raw vegetables must be avoided during pregnancy.

Do not eat raw or undercooked meat, including meat joints and steaks cooked rare, because of the potential risk of toxoplasmosis.

Avoid raw or undercooked sprouts, such as:

  • Mung beans
  • Alfalfa
  • Clover
  • Radish

These raw sprouts may contain E. coli or Salmonella which is not good for the baby

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Milk and Cheese

Raw milk is also known as unpasteurized milk from any animal that may have harmful bacteria such as CampylobacterE. coliListeriaSalmonella or the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

So raw milk should be avoided during pregnancy. Check the level for pasteurized Milk before buying.

Cheese made with unpasteurized milk may contain E. coli or Listeria which is not good for the baby and the mother. So not take any cheese form the unpasteurized milk.  

Fish to avoid when pregnant

Fish is good for health. It is full of Omega-3S which is very useful for your baby. Omega-3S found in seafood, such as tuna. It provides an important foundation for the baby’s brain to develop.

A new study from Spain finds that when pregnant women eat a few servings of fish per week, their children are more likely to have higher scores on cognitive function and fewer autism-spectrum traits. And it doesn’t appear to take too many servings of fish per week to have this effect.

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Despite several benefits of fish during the pregnancy some kind of fish must be avoided during the pregnancy.

  • Locally caught bluefish, pike, salmon, striped bass, trout, and walleye
  • King mackerel, shark, swordfish, and tilefish, which have high levels of mercury
  • Smoked cod, smoked salmon or lox, smoked mackerel, smoked trout, smoked tuna, and smoked whitefish, or other smoked fish
  • Avoid shark, swordfish and marlin as they have high levels of mercury, which could affect your baby’s nervous system

Sushi or any raw fish or raw shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels) must be avoided during the pregnancy.

The fish can be eaten 2 times a week with a small portion.

Final words

Healthy food is very essential during pregnancy.  If you are pregnant or going to pregnant then you must consult with a dietician for the complete meal plan. Always maintain hygienic while preparing food and storing it.

We hope this article onTop 5 foods to avoid during early pregnancy could definitely help you.

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