What to buy in Bangkok

What to buy in Bangkok

Hi friends. Today’s topic is What to buy in Bangkok. I had been wanting to write this article for some time now but unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I was not able to do so. However, this article is very important for me as well as some first-time travelers to Bangkok in Thailand. So let’s start this topic.

What to buy in Bangkok

Recently I visited the wonderful city of Bangkok and it was amazing. Even though this was my sixth visit to the city, I am still in awe of the city and the people.

My favorite activities when I am in Bangkok is shopping and eating. The food is amazing there and even though all my friends suggest me to stick to either KFC or McDonalds there, I like the street food available there very much.

They contain just a little bit of spice but have mouth-watering flavor.

As for the shopping experience, although the price difference between India and Thailand is not much, yet there are certain things that are good to buy from the latter.

Top 15 things you must buy at Bangkok: What to buy in Bangkok?

Well, if you like shopping then you sure as hell will like Bangkok.

The city offers you a wide range of shopping activities. Right from malls to street markets to night markets, you can but almost everything. Listed below are the top 15 things you must buy from the Bangkok market.



If you are a fashion fanatic, then Bangkok is the place for you.

The night markets and malls provide a wide range of fashionable apparels at reasonable prices.

You can get clothes for all sizes there. If you are into branded clothes, then the malls like Siam Centre or Siam Paragon or Central World will cater to all your fashion needs at one place.

However, if you want only fashion and do not care about any brands then you can visit different night markets or weekly markets like Chatuchak market or Palladium night market.

If you are a fan of customized clothes or stitched suits instead of the readymade ones, then you will find tailoring shops all over the place.

They also run quite a few discount sales sometimes.

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Even though lingerie is a part of clothes but I still wanted to focus on the fact that you will get open lingerie shops on the street in Bangkok.

There are no specific lingerie shops but they can be found in different malls.

No matter what your taste is, you will be quite satisfied with the collection.

Even the streets have carts where you can buy them and they are really cheap and of great quality. I can personally vouch for that 

Skincare products

As you know that Asian beauty products are quite a rage now.

Thai beauty products can be seen in all pharmacies as well as supermarkets and cosmetics stores.

But that’s not all. You will find various Korean and Chinese skin care products in these shops as well.

Branded skincare products will also be lining some of the shelves in these shops.

I like to buy some of these products when I visit as they are quite costly when imported and pretty sure I am hooked-up on some of them too.


Do you love watches? Do you love expensive watches?

Well, it doesn’t matter because you will definitely want to buy one when you are in your shopping frenzy in Bangkok.

If you love expensive pieces but do not have the appetite for the extravaganza, then you can buy copies of them at a much cheaper rate.

I took a look at some of those pieces and I was not able to distinguish between an original and the fake.

They are just marvelous. But if you are a fan of watches in general and do not want a specific brand or want to spend a fortune on them then you can definitely buy watches in different designs and style to match your fashion statement from any mall or market.

However, I would like to mention that the non-branded or the copied ones from the malls are a bit better in quality than the street ones.

Innovative electronic gadgets

The internet is filled with innovative gadgets now. They range from simple one too complicated ones based on their function.

If you walk into a mall in Bangkok, you will definitely see some of those gadgets in shops lined throughout the mall.

I found that an entire floor at the famous MBK Centre was dedicated to such gadgets.


Bangkok must buy beauty products

I have already written about skincare products.

So this is just an extension of that. You will definitely find beauty products where you find skincare products.

However, you can find beauty products of different local companies in different shops too.

I do like to buy beauty products from Bangkok but I prefer branded ones that can be found in malls.

Chocolates and candy

I can’t say that the Thai people have a distinct sweet tooth because I did not see an exclusive sweets shop throughout my travel.

But if you visit different markets and malls you will definitely find a wide variety of chocolates and candies being sold.

I think that only tourists are interested in candies and chocolates in the Bangkok market.


There are a lot of cafes that serve cookies and you will find them in every mall.

But if you want to bring some cookies home with you then you can you can get a wide range of those freshly packed in some of the malls.


As Bangkok is relatively hot all around the year, sunglasses and sunscreen is a must for all tourists.

Well If you haven’t packed a pair of sunglasses while coming on the trip then not to worry.

You will get a chance to buy good quality sunglasses at a cheap price in any mall or market.

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You will have to scour the city mostly on foot.

So if you haven’t brought flip flops or comfortable footwear with you then it would be a serious problem.

But you can always buy footwear in roadside shops at a reasonable price and enjoy your time walking.


What is the one thing that you need the most on a shopping spree around the city?

Well, its a bag !! and there are a lot of bags that you can buy at the markets in Bangkok.

Be it duffel or back slung or handbag or sling bag or luggage bag, you will find it all at the same place.

They are cheap and of great quality. If you are a fan of designer bags then you can buy their copies in Bangkok malls for a reasonable price or the original ones at their original price.

Artificial Jewellery

This is the most interesting shopping to do in Bangkok.

You can buy artificial jewelry at all malls or street shops or night markets.

There are a wide variety and designs of earrings, necklaces or finger ring for you to choose from.

The price is very reasonable and the designs are very up to date too.

Hair accessories

It goes without saying that the accessory range does not just stop at the earrings, necklace or rings.

Hair accessories are there too. A variety of clips, clutches, hair bands, and hairpins are available in the shops as well.


Now, this is an interesting one.

You will find street fruit stalls at almost around all corners on the street. They have mangoes, guavas, papaya, watermelon, durian and some other local fruits that they cut into slices and add some spice mix to serve you in a packet.

You can take it on the go and eat it later too.

I enjoyed these fruits a lot as they can serve you like breakfast or a mid lunch snack when you are too engrossed in shopping.

Readymade Food

Readymade foods like wafers or chips or nuts are available at all shops in the market.

They are nicely packed so that you have no problem in carrying them along with you in your bags.

But be careful if you are not that into seafood as most of them are in seafood flavor and the information mentioned on them is in the Thai language.

You might not be able to read the information properly.

So that’s about my shopping experience in Bangkok.

What can I say, I love the city and I love the people there. They are so calm and organized and helpful.

I love to visit the city often when I am traveling. But don’t worry this is not the last of me sharing my Bangkok experiences.

There is a lot more to come next. So be ready for my next article on Bangkok. Until then, Ciao!!!

I hope you have liked today’s topic on What to Buy in Bangkok. Please share your experience in Bangkok and comment below.

Do not forget to share this article with your loved ones what are traveling to Bangkok about to visit. Thank you for reading this blog. See you soon with another topic. Bye.

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