Digital supermodel Shudu becoming real life competition.

Digital supermodel Shudu becoming real life competition

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Digital supermodel Shudu becoming real life competition.

Modeling is a top career choice for beautiful women who love camera and glamour.  The same can be said about men as well. We all see pictures of beautiful men and women in every fashion magazine, billboard ads, television commercials and so on. But have you ever wondered how perfect they look on paper or on TV? There are no blemishes or dark spots or wrinkles on their lovely faces and their bodies seem so in shape that you immediately start craving for all your imperfections to go away so that you can look as beautiful as them.  Well, everything that seems real does not have to be so. Although makeup can make your skin look youthful and take away some years of your face, the reality is that no one is perfect in making.  We all have our little flaws which we cannot hide. How is it then that what we see in pictures is so perfect? Well, the answer to that question lies in today’s innovation: CGI.

Shudu Gram (@shudu.gram) • Instagram photos and videos

The latest gift of CGI to the fashion industry is the supermodel Shudu Gram. She has already taken Instagram by storm and has near about 122.1k followers. Her creator Cameron James – Wilson, a Self-taught London-based photographer, and digital artist,  says that his creation is his idea of a beautiful woman. Shudu is one of the most beautiful models on Instagram and is said to have been inspired by the South African Princess Barbie. As per her creator, her real-life inspirations Have been pulled from so many different women — Lupita, Duckie Thot, and Nykhor — even throwing it back to Alek Wek.

Meet Shudu: The World’s First Digital Supermodel

The attention towards Shudu started to snowball when Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty reposted an image of her wearing the brand’s lipstick. The Instagram image, which was created without Fenty’s involvement and at the suggestion of Cameron’s younger sister, exceeded the average amount of Instagram likes with some 222,000 likes compared to an average of around 50,000. It hadn’t been disclosed at the time whether or not Shudu was a real person. Her Instagram bio was simply: “who is she?”

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Before long, it was uncovered that the flawless, statuesque model was really a CGI rendering and individuals began giving remarks about her. Unavoidably, Wilson’s remarks on Shudu and why he made her started mass rage. The way that a white man made a dark lady profit by turned out to be a great degree hazardous. Different critics likewise began calling attention to the way that dark ladies remain underrepresented in the fashion and glamour industry, and the way that Wilson has made a dark model as opposed to enlisting one just propagates this underrepresentation.

Recently, fashion, tech, and augmented realities have been combining at a fast rate. Dolce & Gabbana sent drones down the runway to display handbags and virtual influencer Lil’ Miquela communicated with her audience through the latest GIF sets from Prada in Milan. In these circumstances, the rise of an entirely digital model such as Shudu is unusual but it isn’t much of surprise. So buckle up people. Maybe the fashion industry is ready to experience some major “Rise of the Machines”

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